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Karigome Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969 by its predecessor, Karigome Suisan.
As a seafood intermediate wholesaler for a long time, we have been providing services to people in the Tochigi Prefecture and Utsunomiya City area.
We deliver safe, secure, fresh, and delicious seafood.
We select high-quality marine products with the power of “connoisseurship” cultivated from our extensive experience,
Thorough quality control is carried out in a dedicated storage facility.
We take pride in delivering seasonal deliciousness as it is.

What is a seafood wholesaler?

We purchase fish and other marine products from production areas and wholesale markets across the country, process and store them appropriately, and then

The marine products are sold at retail stores such as fresh fish stores and supermarkets, as well as sushi restaurants, Japanese cuisine restaurants, and Japanese food specialty stores.

We provide services to restaurants, hotels, wedding halls, etc.

By going through a seafood wholesaler rather than purchasing directly from producers,

We enable our customers to obtain safer and more reliable marine products in stable quality and quantity.

We can prepare as many seafood products as you need, from one fish to enough food for multiple people.

By making proposals that meet the needs of our customers, such as fish that are in season or the most recommended fish,

We provide products and services with a high level of satisfaction.

Main business partners

Sushi restaurant, Kappo restaurant, Fresh fish restaurant, Super hotel, Golf course, etc.

We sell seafood to resort hotels, wedding halls, popular restaurants, fresh fish stores, etc. not only around Utsunomiya but also in and around the prefecture.

Our high quality products are appreciated by many of our business partners, and they choose us as their main supplier.

In addition, we are focusing on the nutritional education of children, who will be responsible for the future.

We regularly hold work experience programs where elementary and junior high school students can experience the work of salespeople at the market, as well as cooking classes.

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