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We will deliver a set of our popular products, frozen raw scallops and half salmon!

=Frozen raw scallops=(1kg)

These scallops are unable to be delivered in large quantities due to restaurants refraining from business. It is large in size and not used in general conveyor belt sushi restaurants, and is a featured menu item at high-end sushi restaurants and Japanese cuisine restaurants.

Domestic scallops are extremely fresh and can be eaten as sashimi.
In recent years, catches of this size have been rare, making this a very valuable size.
Each piece of sashimi scallop is carefully made into scallops and quickly frozen to lock in the deliciousness.
When you put it in your mouth, it has a melt-in-your-mouth sweetness that stays with you long after you eat it.
In addition to sashimi, you can also enjoy the deliciousness of natural scallops when making tempura or sauté.

*Box design may change.

= Salt salmon half = (400g)

Regularly sliced salt salmon, 400g, served at famous hotels.

<Domestic seafood support products> Frozen raw scallops & salmon set

SKU: SU00005
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