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We will deliver approximately 1kg of shelled oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture!

The oysters grown in Hiroshima Bay, which has a lot of plankton to feed on, are overwhelmingly large and extremely filling! The taste is thick and melt-in-your-mouth softness, and the rich milk-like juice overflows, allowing you to enjoy the flavor of the oysters to your heart's content.

Bake, boil, and fry. One of the characteristics of oysters is that they can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

If you coat it and fry it in oil, you'll get extra-large fried oysters that you won't find at the supermarket! Cooking the oysters intensifies their sweetness and spreads the flavor of the oysters to other ingredients, delighting our palates.

This time we will deliver it in a generous 1kg. Enjoy your meal to your heart's content, whether you eat your favorite dishes or try new ones.

[How to defrost]

Pour an appropriate amount of oysters into a bowl and thaw under running water while stirring. Once the ice on the surface is removed and only the core remains, you can use it for cooking.

*Oysters are a food that easily loses their flavor, so please be careful not to defrost them too much.

*If you use ``grated radish'' for preparation, you can easily remove only the dirt that causes the odor without losing the flavor.

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