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​The world's finest tuna

Tuna is currently attracting attention from around the world.

I think it is one of the essential ingredients when talking about Japanese food. Since our predecessor, Karikomi Suisan, was founded in 1969, we have been handling the finest tuna from around the world.

Do you know how the quality of tuna is determined?

Tuna is a very delicate fish, and no matter how good the tuna is or where it is produced, the value of the product will vary greatly depending on various factors such as post-processing. Skilled brokers instantly determine the taste, texture, freshness, etc. of the tuna based on all the complex elements shown in the cross-section of the tail, and then buy it at auction. It is said that it takes at least 10 years of training to master the extremely difficult skill of discerning something with your eyes. The current president was not only rigorously trained by the former chairman from an early age, but also spent many years training within the Tsukiji market in Tokyo. We have been trusted as a professional connoisseur, handling marine products for high-end stores in Ginza, Toranomon, and Akasaka. Even now, we are under the strict watchful eye of professionals, with a single-minded desire to deliver the best tuna to everyone.

Karigome Co., Ltd. was founded in 1963 by its predecessor, Karigome Suisan.

As a seafood intermediate wholesaler for a long time, we have been providing services to people in the Tochigi Prefecture and Utsunomiya City area.
We deliver safe, secure, fresh, and delicious seafood.
We select high-quality marine products with the power of “connoisseurship” cultivated from our extensive experience,
Thorough quality control is carried out in a dedicated storage facility.
We take pride in delivering seasonal deliciousness as it is.

Quality assurance by professional connoisseurs

Daily purchases at the market vary widely. For example, even the same species of fish can have completely different textures depending on where it is grown in different seas. We carefully select only high-quality fish by carefully observing the changing expressions of the fish during the fishing and harvesting seasons. The seafood we purchase is carefully controlled in dedicated freezers and storage to maintain maximum freshness.

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