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Against new coronavirus infections, etc.

Regarding safety measures and business hours

[Our efforts to counter new coronavirus infections]

In light of the spread of the new coronavirus, Karigome Co., Ltd. has implemented the following initiatives to ensure that our customers can use our company with peace of mind.

  1. Encouraging staff to wash their hands, gargle, and practice cough etiquette

  2. Staff wearing masks

  3. Records of health conditions such as hand disinfection and temperature measurement when arriving and leaving work

  4. Those who are unwell, such as those with symptoms such as fever or cough, are asked to refrain from coming to work and are instructed to seek medical treatment at a medical institution.

  5. Frequent disinfection of frequently touched areas such as in-store equipment

  6. Suspension of beverage service

  7. Employees should refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent long-distance business trips and overseas travel.

  8. Increase immunity (to increase immunity on a daily basis)
    Try to eat a well-balanced diet, get good quality sleep, exercise appropriately, avoid stress, and maintain a healthy intestinal environment.

  9. Others (restraint from the following actions)
    - Taking actions that are considered to have a high risk of infection, such as going to sports gyms, karaoke, live music venues, etc. where clusters (groups of infected people) have reportedly occurred, and participating in large events and parties.

[General sales/drive-through]

Based on the feedback from people who find it difficult to go shopping, we are implementing drive-through general sales.

Please place your order by phone or through the official line, then drive to the product delivery area in the Utsunomiya City Central Wholesale Market.

Please see here for details↓



Now accepting orders

[Request to customers]

  • Thank you for your cooperation in wearing a mask.

  • Please help us by disinfecting with alcohol when entering the store.

  • Please cooperate with physical distancing to maintain sufficient distance between customers.

  • If you have a fever or are not feeling well, please refrain from visiting the venue.

  • If you feel unwell during your visit, please notify the nearest staff member.

【business hours】

There are currently no changes to business hours, etc.

Our company operates in accordance with the policies of the Utsunomiya City Central Wholesale Market.

Please see the market website for detailed business days.

We will continue to closely monitor government policies and trends in the infection situation and implement preventive measures.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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